ReFreeX ™ refrigeration method

We use new, patented and improved "ReFreeX" refrigeration method. Why "ReFreeX"?

  • "ReFreeX" refrigeration method reduces refrigerant charge in system up to 80%;
  • Using of "ReFreeX" reduces electrical power consumption up 50%;
  • Less lubricating oil in system;
  • Expansion of refrigerant is controlled by pulsed solenoid valve - no TEV required;
  • There is no needing of sertificates for liquid receiver;
  • Fully digital control of refrigeration system;
  • System control from remote computer - home, office or anywhere else where internet access point available.

Up to 50% reduced electrical consumptions during cold weather period

In usal refrigeration systems which is based on mechanical thermoexpansion valve (TEV) for correct working range of  TEV we have to keep high condensation temperature (about 40 C), to ensure enought refrigerant amount in liquid side of system, because if there will be not enought, we will reduce system capacity and after that follows big electrical consumptions. Pressure of R404A refrigerant is 18,5 bar when condesation is 40 C. As we know the higher pressure we need to be created by compressor the higher is electric consumption of it, so to ensure needed system capacity we loose COP - coeficient which is proportion of cooling capacity and elektrical consumption.

In ReFreeX refrigeration method there is no TEV, we use pulsing solenoid system which  opens give injection of refrigerant on the basis of electronics calculations. To ensure cooling capacity we dont need big pressure in liquid side, so we can reduce condensation temperature to ambient temperature of outside and get higher cooling capacity with less electrical consumptions which hihly increases COP coeficient.

We can take an example. The compressor in example is Bitzer 4PCS-10.2Y-40P. Used refrigerant - R404A, evaporation temperature -10 C, overheating 7 K,  condesation temperature 45 C. Under the following conditions we have 21,6 kW of cooling capacity with 10,9 kW electrical consumptions, so the COP will be just 1,98.


We take the same conditions just reduce condensation temperature to 30 C, pressure will be 14 bar. Cooling capacity increases to 29,7 kW, electrical consumption reduces to 9,37 kW, COP increases to 3,17.


When ambient temperature of outside is 20 C, pressure will be 11 bar, cooling capacity increases to 35,1 kW with 7,96 kW electrical consumptions, COP - 4,41.


Reducing condesation temperature to 10 C of ambient temperature (8 bar) we will get 40,4 kW of cooling capacity with 6,5 kW electrical consumption, COP - 6,24, this means that we get three times more capacity than in tradicional system with mechanical thermostatic expansion valve.

Calculation are based on official "Bitzer" program.

Up to 80% reduced refrigerant charge

Usualy when we use mechanical TEV, to ensure correct working of it with diffirent heat load we use liquid receiver as compensation of liquid amount, and to ensure needed flow of refrigerant throught TEV. In ReFreeX refrigeration methos expansion of refrigerant start instantly after solenoid, and overheat of it is controled and measured by controller electronics, so we don`t need liquid receiver and it follows to up to 80% reduce of refrigerant in system.


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"ReFreeX" refrigeration method

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