ReFreeX monitoring

Together with ReFreeX refrigeration equipment we provide free monitoring program for watching, registering and controling of refrigeration equipment. With this software there is possibility to view or print grafhics, machine status and other parameters. You just have to choose the period of time you want to see and the program automaticly creates a graphics of period. This makes easier wokr for refrigeration operators and equipment service personality. It makes easier way to reduce electric consumptions, because with help of internet you can fully control all the equipment from your office, home or anywhere elese where internet acces and computer is. When You sign a contract with a company which repairs regrigeration equipment the personality of company daily checks system job throught the internet and makes a diagnostics of system, when we see that there is something wrong with equipment we come to solve the problem to ensure continuous equipment job. Program can be configured to send email with alarm number to our server so we can instantly see if there is something bad with equipment. The program is available in few diffirent languages, below You can see screenshots of Lithuanian version.

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